Go Deeper

To deepen your reflection, discussion, and action, explore these resources.

Going Deeper, by Bryan Bardin of Pleasantville Presbyterian Church
This curriculum was written to help congregations explore justice issues in hour-long sessions and expands upon the videographies below.
View the one-minute video on the Going Deeper study
Leader’s Guide
Participant Workbook

Prison Ministry [watch the story]
Immigration Reform [watch the story]
Food Justice [watch the story]

An overview of the Hudson River Presbytery’s advocacy with unlawfully fired Mrs. Green’s workers.  [watch the story]

Learn more about how HRP is working the Red Hands Campaign to end child soldiering [watch the video]

Read the opening reflection at “Changing the Conversation” by Rob Trawick, Moderator, Hudson River Presbytery [RTrawickCC092714]

Watch the Worship Service from
Changing the Conversation: Claiming Our Voice

Download the 8.5 x 14 bulletin 
8×14 MSW Liturgy 092814
8×11 PDF Liturgy 092814
Download the 8.5 x 11 bulletin
8×11 MSW liturgy 092814
8×11 PDF Liturgy 092814
Download the 8.5 x 11 bulletin insert about the weekend
Insert PDF 092814

Read the Prayers of the People by Susan Andrews, General Presbyter, Hudson River Presbytery [SAndrewsPrayersofthePeople]

PC(USA) Office of Public Witness blog

Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations blog


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